Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My favorite things edition

Hey Oprah gets a favorite things episode, so I figured I might need one as well! Hers might be a little more fun considering she gives everything away to her audience, but we won't let that stop our fun.

1. Philosophy's Pure grace lotion. I've been slathering this on my belly (actually my entire body) since June, sometimes up to three times a day. It not only smells deliciously clean, but feels like liquid silk on your skin. Now I'm not one to make false claims, but I have also not gotten one stretch mark (knock on wood.) Not sure if it's from this fabulous lotion or maybe just some fab-O genes. But hey, why mess with a good thing!
2. Starbucks nonfat caramel macchiatos. I sometimes play these little mind games with myself. The kind where you know you shouldn't be spending $4 on a coffee, and that baby Nolen probably shouldn't be starting his mornings off with 3 shots of espresso, but you make the idea okay anyway. You see, I keep telling myself that I deserve this little treat. I mean, after all, I am almost 10 months pregnant and still working with 40 second graders! I sometimes even convince myself that I deserve this special treat twice a day! It's just ones of life's little pleasures!

3. Juicy Couture pants. Not many things fit these last few weeks of pregnancy. Dresses are always good, but who wants to wear a dress everyday. Maternity pants can only stretch so far, at this point they leave a nice big imprint around my belly by the end of the day. This is where Juicy pants come in. They're soft, they stretch, they have a drawstring, and they sit super low, most of the time not even touching my baby belly. They are heaven in pants.
4. My Tervis Tumbler cup. With pregnancy comes thirst. I can easily drink a few gallons of water a day. My trusty tervis tumbler, with lid and straw, stays with me 24/7. I always have a nice icey cold water in my hand, with a tumbler that keeps my hand from being cold! Genius!
5. A bouncing baby boy! We're still waiting on this one, but I already know he'll be one of my favorite things!!!

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